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Taxi Driver Medicals

A consultation with a cardiologist

Tests Name Price
Exercise Treadmill ECG + DVLA/TFL Form £450.00
Echocardiogram(LVEF) + DVLA/TFL Form £380.00
Exercise Treadmill ECG + Echocardiogram(LVEF) + DVLA/TFL Form £650.00

The role of the Drivers Medical Group in Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is to promote road safety by establishing whether drivers who have medical conditions are able to satisfy the medical standards required for safe driving. To undertake this task, DVLA employs specialist medical advisors to support the application of the medical standards through a taxi driver medical.

In the interests of road safety, those who suffer from a medical condition likely to cause a sudden disabling event at the wheel or who are unable to safely control their vehicle from any other cause, should not drive.

The Initial medical for the license is usually carried out by the GP who will carry out the routine medical examination as per the DVLA requirements as per the form. 

Any bus /taxi /lorry driver who has a heart related problem is advised to hand in their license at the time when a heart condition is diagnosed and once the condition is treated, the driver is required to undergo a cardiac evaluation after 1-3 months to ensure it will safe for them to drive and thereafter every 3 years or so depending on the condition.

If on the initial medical examination you are found to have suggestion of any Cardiac problems or if you have a known cardiac condition which requires you to undergo a cardiac evaluation then the experienced and skilled team at Cardiac Screen would be happy to carry out the evaluation as we understand the DVLA requirements and also offer a discounted rates as we appreciate how important it is for you to get a revalidated license for you to get back on the road as soon as possible.

The standards for your taxi driver medical will be set by Transport for London or the Local Authority where you are applying for your taxi license. You can check the medical requirements with the licensing department, which will also be able to provide you with the appropriate medical form. 

The standard requirement usually is: 

  • Exercise Treadmill ECG to check the response of your heart beat, blood pressure and blood flow to your arteries on exercise 
  • Echocardiogram (Ultrasound of the heart) to check the function of your heart muscles and valves
  • If you suffer from fast or slow heart rate or had a TIA/Stroke have an implantable pacemaker /ICD or an ablation then you will require either a 24/hours ambulatory ECG to monitor your heart rhythm
  • If you suffer from blood pressure you may require a 24 hour ambulatory BP to see what your blood pressure does over a period of 24 hours

You should bring this form with you to the appointment, and then return it with your application once it has been completed and signed by your doctor.

The exact requirements for taxi driver medicals in London can vary between authorities, but they are generally the same as the standards set by the DVLA sets holders of a group 2 bus or lorry driving license. These standards are slightly higher than those required for a basic driver’s license. Most taxi driver medicals in London will require you to have a urine test to check for problems such as diabetes, to have your hearing and vision assessed, and your blood pressure and heart checked. During your taxi driver medical in London, you will also be asked some questions about your health and medical history.

You will also need to renew your taxi driver medical certification at some point in the future, if you continue to drive a taxi. Each authority sets its own schedule for renewals, but most licensing departments require older drivers to undergo more frequent medicals. You might also be asked to take a medical more often if you have experienced certain kinds of health problems in the past. For example, drivers who have had a cardiovascular problem such as a heart attack or angina will often be required to undergo regular Exercise ECG (Treadmill) and /or echocardiogram every 3 years or so to ensure they remain fit to drive.

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Taxi Driver Medical

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